INTRODUCING: Driver Distraction Alert

Global Mobile Alert's (GMA) Driver Distraction Alert app can be implemented into in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems and is compatible with all infotainment system operating systems - Including Android Automotive - allowing for easy implementation in any IVI solution.

When you are on a hands-free phone voice-activated call, GMA's technology sounds a voice an audible alert when you are in the vicinity of a traffic light, school zone, or railroad crossing, reducing the danger of a distracted driver. The technology also connects with real time SPaT count down of a traffic signal and gives an alert when the light is about to change to green.

  • GMA's solution allows OEMs easily integrate an effective safety solution that will provide immediate results as the automotive industry strives to reduce vehicle related deaths and injury due to distracted driving.
  • GMA's technology can be embedded into a vehicle's infotainment system and can be delivered as part of the basic vehicle safety system enabling a swift roll-out of this effective safety feature.
  • GMA can provide its data and license directly to the OEM or Tier 1 supplier and work with partners to integrate GMA's technology and operate the backend portion of the solution on behalf of the car OEM.
  • GMA's solution does not require embedded vehicle-to-everything (V2X) hardware in the vehicle and is available today for both smartphone and in-vehicle infotainment applications.
  • GMA is the only private company that has access to global traffic light Signal Phase and Timing (SPaT) data with the Standard.