Global Mobile Alert offers leading-edge technology that delivers unparalleled insight into potential roadway hazards for a significantly safer and more aware driving experience. Available as the Global Mobile Alert app from Google Play and the App Store, or as The Solution™ for integration with partner systems, Global Mobile Alert’s innovative offerings form the foundation of the burgeoning vehicle-to-everything (V2X) market.

Who We Are

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Low Latency Communication of Smart City Technology

The Solution™ by Global Mobile Alert enhances Smart City technologies by connecting intersections, rail crossings, school beacons, emergency vehicles, and connected vehicle systems to generate map points and alerts, even while a voice call is in progress.

Traffic Signal

The Solution connects intersections to allow remote control and monitoring of traffic lights while on a voice call.

Rail Crossing Alert

Our Patented Safety System Generating Map Points – at Rail road crossing uses low latency communications of heading and speed - initially - with warnings to avoid collisions. There will be more in the future, but in the beginning it is only alerts. Global Mobile Alert™ .

School Zones

An audible alert reminders are remotely transmitted from the smartphone or infotainment system in the car to the driver when coming up on a School zone. Global Mobile Alert™

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Our Technology and Solutions

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The Global Mobile Alert App

Available for mobile devices from Google Play or the Apple App Store, the Global Mobile Alert app alerts drivers of potential hazards for safer driving. It analyzes the mapped locations of traffic, school, and emergency signalizing systems to give drivers advance warning of changing conditions, even during an active voice call.

How It Works

The Global Mobile Alert app seamlessly interfaces with your current navigation system and provides distracted drivers with the help they need by enabling a proactive alert that provides the driver a five (5) second alert warning at all traffic light, School zone and Rail crossing where data is available.

The Solution for Partners

The Solution allows partners who are developing their own vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure, or Smart City solutions to incorporate Global Mobile Alert’s innovative technology. Partners can choose to enable any or all of the following features:

1. SPaT/MAP display of signal timing
2. Emergency vehicle getting through the signal
3. Where is the emergency vehicle coming from?
4. Motorist – Cyclist communication
5. Motorist – Pedestrian communication
6. Rear end collision warning
7. Virtual/advance traffic detectors
8. Red-light running at traffic signals
9. Intelligent school beacons
10. Curve warning/reduce speed
11. Pedestrian crossing detection
12. Bus/transit priority
13. While on a voice call

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