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The driver distraction alert app seamlessly interfaces with your current navigation system and provides distracted drivers with the help they need by enabling a proactive alert warning at all traffic lights, school zones and rail crossings where data is available.

Automaker’s adoption of open-source automotive operating systems such as Android Automotive OS that powers the infotainment system on the latest electric cars opens the door for safety app development. Adopting GMA’s technology allows app developers to incorporate audio and visual alerts to an in-vehicle infotainment system to warn a driver that is on a phone call of dangerous situations such as an upcoming traffic light, school zone or railway crossing.

• GMA is working with global automotive manufactures to implement Driver Distraction Alert on vehicles in 2021.

• GMA’s Driver Distraction Alert solution is available for license or partnership today.

GMA’s solution does not require embedded vehicle-to-everything (V2X) hardware in the vehicle and is available today for both smartphone and in-vehicle infotainment applications.


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Global Mobile Alert offers two solutions: Driver Distraction Alert App for Android or Apple mobile devices, and The Solution for partners developing vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure, and Smart City offerings.
The Solution allows partners who are developing their own vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure, or Smart City solutions to incorporate Global Mobile Alert’s innovative technology. Partners can choose to enable any or all of the following features:

1. Intelligent MAP display
2. Intelligent school Red-light traffic signals display
3. Intelligent school beacons
4. Intelligent rail crossing
5. While on a voice call